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What is InstantKarma Fund?

InstantKarma Fund is an organization that qualifies, manages and documents humanitarian projects with the help of funding from the Dash Treasury.

What is Dash?

Dash is digital cash! It is a currency based on blockchain technology which allows it to be sent instantly, securely and privately to anyone on the internet with the Dash wallet app.

How to Get Started

Do you want to see about making a proposal to the Dash Treasury to get funding for your philanthropic endeavor? Go here to see if your project or charity will qualify!

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All enquiries will be handled personally by one of our dedicated professionals.

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Nathan Ewart


Nathan is the Founder of InstantKarma Fund. His vision is to seek strategic partnerships to help and empower those less fortunate and those advocating for the values of Dash, which include: financial freedom, right to privacy, and personal responsibility. Nathan speaks English and French. Handle on Dash Forum and Slack is "djcrypto"

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Nova Howard

Strategic Advisor

Nova is a professional communications and strategy advisor and holds an honours degree in Mathematics. She is an excellent writer and has extensive knowledge of Dash. Nova will be the main content producer for proposals to the Dash Treasury. Nova speaks English and Spanish. Handle on Dash Forum and Slack is "tallyho"

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